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Business Metamorphosis: When and Why to Change Your Business Structure


Grow Your Business, Grow Your Profits – Make the Smart Choice and Reap the Benefits!

Business Metamorphosis: When and Why to Change from a Sole Proprietorship Is The Most Complete, Hands-On Guide For Understanding Your Choices as a Business Owner.

Have you ever considered expanding your business?

Do you think taking on a partner would be difficult, risky, and expensive?

Have you tried forming your own corporation in the past and found it to be a huge, expensive failure?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are not alone.

There are millions of business owners just like you who would love to grow their businesses strategically, but they don’t know or understand the choices available to them. They don’t know the simple fact you are about to discover – 
everything you need to EASILY MAXIMIZE PROFITS, MINIMIZE TAXES AND PROTECT YOUR ASSETS can be found in this amazing book!

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Dear Friend,

Are you interested in making more money?

I thought so. We all want to make more money and grow our businesses, but all too often we run up against the limits of our own knowledge before we reach the incredible financial success we deserve & desire.

What if I told you that the type of business structure you choose holds the key to generating huge profits? Sure, you might think, that sounds easy enough, but I’m not a lawyer or a CPA – I can’t make those kinds of choices.


Choosing the right business structure lays the groundwork for bigger profits and sustained growth over time. You CAN BOOST YOUR PROFITS by making smart choices and I can teach you exactly how to do it.

“Business Metamorphosis: When and Why to Change from a Sole Proprietorship” is an amazing book that reveals the secrets to the four most common types of business structures and HOW THEY CAN BENEFIT YOU! This information allows you to work smarter, not harder as you make decisions about your businesses’ future.

Wait a minute, you say. I already have customers who are happy with my business exactly as I am – I don’t need to add layers of administrivia to feel legitimate.

I understand this kind of planning isn’t easy, but opening your doors and finding customers is just the beginning —


If you want to soar to the highest levels of wealth you MUST be ready for change and you must be prepared to protect your assets in the event of a lawsuit or other misfortune. The truth is that you CANNOT build a business with true growth potential as a sole proprietor.

The BEST way to generate large amounts of money is to plan for growth before it happens.

And the BEST way to grow your business effectively is to make smart choices.

The right business structure is your ticket to cold, hard cash in your pocket!


Everything You Need To Know About Leveraging Your Profits By Using Your Business Structure Is Contained In
This Amazing Book!

What exactly do you mean by “business structure?”

There are four types of business: sole proprietors, partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations. Each one has different advantage and disadvantages – and my case studies and examples can show you which choice is the right one for you!

Make sure you have the information you need to protect your business!  “Business Metamorphosis: When and Why to Change from a Sole Proprietorship” shows you step by step exactly why and when each type of business is appropriate, clearly and in plain English.

Are you ready to learn exactly how to increase your profits and protect your assets?

Then you’re ready for “Business Metamorphosis: When and Why to Change from a Sole Proprietorship – Everything You Need To Know To Take Your Business To The Next Level!

You may have never heard of these business concepts before, but I promise that by the time you finish this book you will be an expert at analyzing them, explaining them, and depositing the huge profits they can generate into your bank account.

Before this book came along, people just like you were using these structures to get rich but they had to learn which choices worked best for them through trial and error – a very risky and difficult way to achieve success.


Everything you need to know is contained in “Business Metamorphosis: When and Why to Change from a Sole Proprietorship” so why wait any longer?


Business Metamorphosis: When and Why to Change from a Sole Proprietorship Contains The Step By Step Guidance That Will Change Your Life!

Inside this amazing book, you will find a complete collection of information you need to maximize your profits, such as:

Understanding what the four types of business structures are…

Selecting the best structure for your business now and in the future…

The most common mistake you can make and how to avoid it…

How a liability shield can strengthen your partnership and protect your assets…

The most important steps to avoid making the wrong choices…

This is just a sampling of the critical information NOBODY ELSE CAN PROVIDE!

Only “Business Metamorphosis: When and Why to Change from a Sole Proprietorship” contains EVERYTHING you need to get started, keep going, and make huge profits!

Other guides might promise to teach you about growing your business responsibly or planning for the future, but they simply cannot deliver on that promise in the same way that “Business Metamorphosis: When and Why to Change from a Sole Proprietorship” has been tested and proven to deliver. In other words, their promises are misleading and empty.

Do you want to know the real truth?

Do you want to learn where, when, and how choosing the right business structure leads to huge profits?

I can’t believe how much I learned from just the first couple of chapters in this book! And after reading through the rest of “Business Metamorphosis: When and Why to Change from a Sole Proprietorship” I learned everything else I needed to start making more money and how I can protect myself financially in partnerships and liability issues!

This book is a “must have” for anyone who hopes to expand their business. Thank you for writing such a FANTASTIC book – it is worth many times what I paid for it!
Jessica Rogers, Lincoln, Nebraska

Can Someone Like Me Really Grow My Business
To Earn Huge Profits?

The answer is Absolutely, Positively, Completely, YES!

Before you do anything, though, there is one very important thing you MUST understand:

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme and this is NOT a pie in the sky method that leads you to believe all you have to do is spend your days sitting on the couch doing nothing.

There is no such thing as an effortless way to make huge profits, so expect to put some time and effort into this process. You have to do your share. It’s not hard, and it’s not out of your reach, but it does require your participation.

The truth is that with the right information and the right guidance you can make BIG MONEY and build your business for the long term.

Are you ready to achieve immense financial success?

Are you ready to focus your energy on the easy process of achieving that success?

Then I’m ready to show you step by step exactly how to get there. It’s easy, it’s interesting, and it’s a lot of fun to see just how quickly you can start making lots of money.

Let’s not waste another moment – get started getting rich right away!

What Valuable Secrets Are Contained In 
Business Metamorphosis: When and Why to Change from a Sole Proprietorship

Here’s just some of what you’re going to learn…

  • How To Choose The Right Business Structure – What your options are, and what each choice has to offer.
  • How To Protect Yourself – Why choosing the wrong option can leave you open to losing everything if you’re party to a lawsuit!
  • The Impact On Your Taxes – A clear explanation of the benefits to you and your bottom line of all the options available.
    Making savvy decisions about my business structure has dramatically changed the size and profitability of my business. This information has made a huge difference in how I put my business together – saving me thousands of dollars! Business Metamorphosis: When and Why to Change from a Sole Proprietorship is the best book I’ve ever purchased, returning its initial cost to me many thousands and thousands of times over.

    If anybody out there wants to go from so-so to so incredibly successful, this is absolutely the right book to have. Nothing else I have ever bought has so completely and totally delivered on the promises it makes. Mark Orbitsky, Camden, New Jersey

  • Naming Your Business – How to choose the right name, and what to do if you want to use more than one.
  • Written Agreements – Find out what kinds of written agreements can smooth the way for your partnership or limited liability corporation.
  • Taxation Strategies – How different business structures can help minimize the taxes you pay and the profits you get to keep!
  • Spouses as Employees – I outline the tax implications of making your business a “family business” – and the answers benefit you!

I’m sure you can see the huge profits to be made by making strategic choices for your business.   Are you ready to take the easy steps necessary to make that kind of money for yourself??

Business Metamorphosis: When and Why to Change from a Sole Proprietorship is jam-packed full of the kind of priceless information you have only dreamed of obtaining, so start building your huge fortune right now!

Everything you need to know is in this incredible book, laid out for you in a logical, easy to follow series of steps so you simply cannot fail.

Don’t you deserve to get rich and know your riches are protected?

Don’t you deserve to live the life of a successful online business owner?

Don’t you deserve to make all the money you possibly can and pay less in taxes doing it?

Of Course You Do!


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