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Visit our courses page and look for the preview icon on the right. Click those icons to preview course lessons.

You can also find course excerpts inside our free newsletter.

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Individual courses are single-payment, and come with a 3-month access.

ISB University Student Membership is a monthly recurring tuition.

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By professional experience, accomplishments in the field, and success in the industry.

Professional instructors, course creators and presenters; All work together with experienced executives, business owners, marketers, and professors.


Our primary services include business plan writing, logo and web design, and digital marketing.

Yes, visit our services page for more info.

In addition to our primary business services, we also offer consultation, training entrepreneurs. And provide access to networking, funding, and investment opportunities to student members on a select basis.

Yes, we will design, redesign, or optimize your website and logo as needed to reach KPI's. See our services page for more info.

You can continue communication through the contact section on your account dashboard, or just use use the form below.


Complete the form below. We will email you a link to get the application process started.

We have a course for that! Once approved, you will have access to the course and your account manager.

Course creators and affiliates earn up to 50% on individual course purchases.

There is a review period for all material to ensure quality, accuracy, ethics, and legality.

Visit the Courses page and select the course you would like to share. Look for the Share Icons and click on those.


Fill out the form below or email [email protected]

Just fill out the form below to contact the support team directly or email [email protected]

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