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The world needs your unique perspective

How to apply for, publish, and get paid for your course.

- A platform to present your course easily on any device.

- An Engaged ISB Network, following and fanbase.

- A Marketing system the puts your courses on social media and in search results.

- 100% commission for the sale of your course.

- $20 Bonus for qualifed membership referrals.
- Fill out the teacher application to get approved to access to the teaching platform.

- Take the online course on how to create your online course

- Record and Upload your course material to the platform

- Monitor you course student forum for Q&A and networking.
You did the research, put in the work, and created the content; We provided the infrastructure, hosting, inspration, education, delivery method, and process payments

You get 100% of all your individual courses sold. Giving you, the creator, the largest percentage of any teaching platform online. Plus a $20 Bonus for all qualified members from your cours page or personal link.

Between your self promotions and our advertising expertise, you'll experience the feeling of watching your hard work pay off. And get paid in the process.