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    What People Say

    How real people said about Education WordPress Theme.

    Jaron King

    Restaurant Owner

    “They taught me how to get started and scale-up, then I started making money, and didn’t have the time to do it myself, so I went back and hired them. So Instant Small Biz got me completely, and I would recommend the same process to anybody.”


    Andrew Stone

    Real Estate Investor

    “I love the different presentation Styles… face-to-face vids, slides, and animations. Not to mention reading material, homework, and quizzes. It’s definitely a university, not someone’s collection of YouTube videos like the last one I tried. If they’ve got a promotion going on, take it, trust me it’s worth it”

    Rebecca Hawes

    Retail Business Owner

    “I love the idea of a school for business owners. I have a whole master’s degree I don’t even use. But I can watch a course on ISB University, and apply it somewhere the very next day. They are my secret weapon, worth ten times what I’m paying.”

    Charles McBride

    Charlotte Landscaping

    “I’ve been in business for 27 years, and still, I find ISB University very helpful. There are even associates in my mastermind that are enrolled. So it’s not just for beginners, you can join and begin your business and financial education at whatever stage you’re currently at.”


    Peter Lacosta

    Valence Solutions

    “ I love the concept. They teach you to grow your business to a point where you can just pay them to do it. That’s exactly what I have done with no shame. The course instructors manage to take out the bordem and the fluff. It’s really incredible. Highly Recommended”


    Naija Simone


    “ This company is not just for startups. I was already operating a successful business, but the growth has been remarkable. I was hesitant at first as I always am. But the team is highly knowledgable with enterprise and even Fortune 500 experience.  Thank you for taking the time to convince me. ”


    Erin Elsie


    “ I want to tell everybody about you, but I also want to keep you as my secret weapon.  So I do both. I will be taking more classes, and adding classes of my own. I love how the classes update with the times, adding that to the newsletter and forum makes my membership invaluable.

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